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No of treatments

Dependent on your Requirements


From £540 in Southern Clinics. From £490 for the rest of UK


18+ Only



Treatment Time
20 min



Local Anaesthetic

if needed



Administered via Cannula and Needle




From $1150 in the USA. From AED 3650

 in Dubai 

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The mid-third of the face spans the infra-orbital rim (around the eye) to the upper lip. Anatomically, the most significant feature of this region is the scaffolding of the zygomatic arch and maxilla as well as the infra-orbital fat pads. A decrease in this bony support and descent of the fat pads, can create sagging of the midface and produce prominent nasolabial creases and a tired and older appearance. As such, volume loss in this region is a significant hallmark of the ageing face, and so it follows that restoration of volume using safe dermal fillers will help to improve the appearance of the area.


Facial volume loss depends on genetics, disease, ideal body weight, dietary factors and a host of other considerations. Regardless of the cause, these deficits can now be treated with a series of injections by our experienced doctors, injections into the zygomatic arch can be used to lift the face. When these injections are properly placed and injected they can lift the face up and out. When improperly placed, they increase the forward projection of the face and make the person look like a monkey. Thus, placement, lifting capability, the quantity of product, and the experience of the practitioner themselves are critical components of this procedure.

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Do you want to see some actual award-winning work? This photograph is the submission of talented work from our new and experienced recruit Dr Sarah, who works in our London office and was entered as a case study for peri-oral work for the Aesthetics Dentistry Awards 2018.

This incredibly painstaking work was performed over 6 months in a bid to totally rejuvenate the patients full face.

10.5 ml of different filler densities, were administered in several sittings, starting in her midface to lift and support her lower face using both used a cannula, and needles for definition. Dr Sarah then went on to enhance her chin, and then cannula her nasolabial (smile) lines. Further to this, 1.5 ml of filler was carefully added to define and fill the lips. The ZO skinhealth anti-ageing range improved skin tone over a period, to polish the diamond so to speak. It's paying due attention to the tiny details, that makes the difference.


Real, overall, rejuvenation of the face takes thoughtful, safe and careful planning and often needs several treatments. This is NOT an overall package and is therefore priced individually. It takes talent, years of experience and quality products. This detailed case study was submitted to Aesthetic Dentistry awards and won our Dr Sarah this well-deserved award for her lower face and perioral work. This lady, without exaggeration, looks a decade younger. All those shadows, lines, wrinkles in the lower face, and signs of dehydrated lips - gone, and in the most beautiful natural way.

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