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No of treatments

2 Treatments, 4 weeks apart


From £580 in Southern Clinics. From £480 for the rest of UK

Recovery Time



Treatment Time
~20 Minutes

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Profhilo is a completely different type of filler than you've seen normally from us, it can be used to remodel the hands, neck, face, décolletage and upper arms, to spread a fine level over a larger area to refresh - rather than to volumise.  We first became aware of Profhilo filler, after it won the most innovative treatment at the UK Aesthetics Awards (these are the equivalent of the “Oscars” in the aesthetics industry) in 2016. (We’re a bit in love).

Anyone who presents with signs of skin ageing and is suitable for dermal filler treatment is also suitable for treatment with Profhilo. Once injected, the product immediately starts spreading due to the high concentration of HA and its cohesive nature. 

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It’s an extremely simple procedure taking only approximately 20 minutes to perform. We don’t give a local anaesthetic with this procedure, as it’s only slightly uncomfortable and patients don’t report it as painful. If you’ve ever had Botox, we would say that it’s around the same level of discomfort – none, to minimal!


The Profhilo filler is added in small boluses and spreads out over a 2cm radius over a couple of days, then 'melting' quickly into the surrounding tissue to plump it out. It adds weightless, invisible volume for a youthful look. In addition, it has a unique lifting and tightening effect to remodel ageing and sagging tissue.This treatment is performed in 2 quick, comfortable sessions of 2.0ml each taken a month apart. 



You can expect to see results within a month but the very best results will be after the second session, and both sessions MUST be completed for the full effects to be seen. It's injected superficially and there is typically minimal to no bruising or downtime. As it’s injected so superficially, it’s incredibly safe, and in this respect – we think it’s one of the safest “fillers’ on the market.



Profhilo lasts in the skin around 28 days. During this time the stimulation of 4 different types of collagen and elastin takes place by slow release of HA. The overall results, last around 6 to 9 months.The stimulation results in significant tissue improvement. Therefore we don’t simply say that Profhilo is a skin booster as it also has a significant tightening/lifting effect on the tissue but without that excessive bulking that is often an unattractive side effect of facial filler.  The chances are, you have chosen our clinic because we’re so famous for the “natural look”, so we’ll always use products that stay true to that, in line with our clinic mission. Profhilo is not a dermal filler or biorevitaliser - Profhilo has opened up a new injectable category – bioremodeling.


In Profhilo, L-HA is released slowly, therefore, does not trigger the first inflammatory cytokines making it very biocompatible, without that huge swelling effect some patients seem to see temporarily after having filler. Of course, it goes without saying that logically, every time a needle breaches the skin barrier – there is a minimal irritation. It also increases patient comfort during and after treatment and provides hydration to the skin especially in the epidermis - the Hydro effect.H-HA in Profhilo provides a stable HA architecture in the dermis. This gives a volumetric effect - the Lift effect.This results in improved skin quality and skin hydration both in the dermis and epidermis. There is also increased production of endogenous HA and elastin giving the skin a more youthful look.



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