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Unfortunately, it's not always as easy as treating a patient who is technically an "aesthetic" virgin or has a blank canvas of a face to work on (with no scarring or imperfections). The true skill is exhibited, by corrective those with aesthetics issue and when a procedure hasn't been carried out correctly, by another. Several of our doctors are either extensively surgically trained, plastics trained, or currently practising board-certified surgeons, with an in-depth knowledge of both facial reconstruction and anatomy, across all of our international clinics. We are a doctor's only group of clinics.
Often patients have had treatments administered by another, less experienced, injector and therefore had less than desirable results. If the dermal filler is placed too close to the muscle plane of the orbicularis, too superficially, or using the incorrect product or technique - it can result in lumpy, artificial looking, unattractive placement within the face. Consequently, this can detract from the individual's natural beauty, rather than enhancing it, and all of the features on the face can appear unbalanced.
However, all is not lost, and with a little time and perseverance we can achieve great things, and restore and enhance the face. 


We have extensive experience of treating cases exactly like these, every single day, across all of our practices. If your unwanted filler is CE approved, hyaluronic acid based (and therefore not permanent,) it is possible to use an enzyme called hyaluronidase to dissolve the unwanted dermal filler in one or more appointments. Do be aware, that if this filler has accumulated over a long period of time (or an inferior product used), it may take several sessions to dissolve. We cannot refill the face immediately post-dissolve, sometimes because we need the stretched tissue to retract back to its pre-existing tensile strength, and tautness for a more natural result. More often it's because there needs to be a minimum of a 5-day hiatus between dissolving and refilling. This is purely because the enzyme hyaluronidase has a long half-life, and therefore we need time to allow to leave the body so as it does not corrupt the latest treatment in addition. The enzyme does its job within 1-24 hours, and if you are still unhappy at this juncture - a further session may be required. Hyaluronidase is a volatile enzyme, and as such, we patch test all patients beforehand. One in 7000 patients will fail the patch test, and present with allergy.  Never, ever agree to be treated by a practitioner who doesn't feel this necessary and misunderstands too, therefore, the importance of getting your filler right first time, wherever possible




We also have reconstructive clinical experience of treating patients with post-surgical, cleft lips, congenital deformities, or who have been victims of traumatic accidents to the face. Much depends of course as to the condition of the skin, how fibrous and extensive the scar tissue is (and whether it tethers the face in any way), in respect of what can be achieved. In nearly all cases, however, we can make a beneficial difference to the appearance and balance to the face, particularly in profile.


We run a pro bono cleft lip/ nose/ and chin clinic in our north of England practices. As a group, we feel strongly that we shouldn't be profiting from a patient that has the misfortune to suffer from a congenital deformity but wishes to improve their appearance. After several extensive practice meetings, our doctors decided that we would pay for this treatment ourselves, and give our time with joy. It's genuinely the favourite part of our day and work at the Consultant Clinic. Sinclair pharma, have also been generous in donating an allowance of filler to treat such patients on a monthly basis. We do have a number of limited slots a year for such patients to be treated annually, and it is one of the most rewarding aspects of what we do as an aesthetics practice. If you are interested in being placed on the waiting list, email us at with "Cleft Clinic" in the header. 

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