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Welcome to the Consultant Clinic Press and Media page where you will find all the latest media articles and press releases from or regarding the Consultant Clinic. Below you will find most articles that reference Consultant Clinic or even just the facial aesthetics industry in general. We also have a contact form below should you want to get in touch with us regarding Press Releases, Award Nominations or Media Coverage.

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Is the rise of Kylie Jenner lip, cheek and jaw filler packages a cause for concern? | ITV News

Is the rise of Kylie Jenner lip, cheek and jaw filler packages a cause for concern? | ITV News

The promise of achieving a celebrity look has always been a central selling point for the beauty industry. But the changing faces of famous influencers on social media has injected a whole new demand from cosmetic customers to go 'under the needle'. The advertised 'Kimmy K' and 'Kylie' packages - named after Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner - are just two of many pouting procedures promoted on Facebook and Instagram and seen by children as young as 13. In the past there was an attitude of secrecy towards the kind of lip-filling, face-smoothing treatments undergone by the rich and famous, who would often deny having had them done at expensive private clinics. Now the Kylie package - which in a single session injects filler into the customer's lips, jawline and cheeks - can be carried out on the high street for around £350. But are the adverts for the 'dermal fillers' encouraging some to have unnecessary procedures? And what’s being done to protect vulnerable young people from seeing them online? Watch the next part of our investigation - the increasing number of botched facial fillers sparks questions about the beauty industry • Subscribe to ITV News on YouTube: • Get breaking news and more stories at Follow ITV News on Facebook: Follow ITV News on Twitter: Follow ITV News on Instagram:

Thank you to you all for our award nominations to date. We go from strength to strength because of you all, and your consistent love, and attention, and following. We may not know who all of you are, or how you came to follow us, but we are so humbled and grateful. All of our awards are independently nominated and voted by Industry Peers and we are really humbled for this recognition.


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