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Facial treatments



Our training is intense! We will show you every step of how we create the most natural-looking lips using a cannula, from lip anatomy right down to what brand of lighting, and lip pomade we use and how we dental block. We also offer the option of performing one-on-one injection training to learn the details of our techniques in the practical application which includes photography, anesthesia, lip injection, and post-treatment care.

To be eligible to join our learning platform, you will need to be a medical professional with a current, up-to-date, and clean registration/license. If you are attending the Masterclasses in the United States and wish to inject, you will need an appropriate license or endorsement granting you permission to do so and it is your responsibility to obtain this. In the London clinic, however, our UK license is able to cover all international injecting rights and insurance for those medical professionals that currently are licensed to inject in their home countries.


Our audits over the last 2 years have demonstrated a clear bias towards international delegates. As such, with a motivation to make education as easy for you all as we can, we have implemented our training courses in the United States with triple board-certified surgeon and President of the American Board of Facial Cosmetic Surgery, Dr. Kevin Kalwerisky



If you're a medical professional, with a current license, you are eligible for our Masterclasses and shadowing. The training courses are pretty much one to one and we work at your level of experience - so it's great for whatever your level. We'd obviously need to generate a proforma invoice pretty quickly owing to tight time scales, so we'd be grateful for a prompt response. 

If you wish to proceed with booking, we will need a copy of your current license to practice, and address, and phone # - for the proforma invoice we'll immediately generate so you can secure your place.

Please note, these slots are very limited and will go quickly.  In respect of accommodations, we do get significant corporate discounted rates at the Four Seasons of Beverly Hills in Los Angeles as well as The Marylebone in London.


In the USA: Dr. Kevin for our 90210 Beverly Hills Clinic in Los Angeles, California in the USA for all levels of our Lip Filler Theory & Practical including the Administration of Anaesthetic Infiltration Injections Masterclasses.  Dr. Kevin will also travel within the USA, to local practices to train one-to-one or in groups to avoid risks of traveling.  If you are out of state, Dr. Kevin can possibly secure  California licensing to allow you to participate in the hands-on training aspect, injecting live models rather than observing only. We are not offering Masterclasses in New York or Miami at this time. However, we would be delighted to add you to Dr. Kevin's waitlists so that we can notify you when we are.

In the UK: Dr. James London Lip Filler Theory & Practical including the Administration of Anesthetic Infiltration Injections Masterclasses. We have also commenced training with Dr. Gareth in our beautiful Greater Manchester Clinic. Dr. Gareth has also offered his Introduction to Botox and Lip Fillers Masterclasses

In AUS & Dubai: We are not offering Masterclasses in AUS & Dubai at this time. However, we would be delighted to add you to Dr. Sabrina's or Dr. James' waitlists so that we can notify you when we are.

Shadowing: Finally, we also offer shadowing days with Dr. Gareth & Dr. Jas in the UK, Dr. Sabrina in Melbourne, Dr. James in Dubai, and Dr. Kevin in our USA clinics. 



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